In most cases, you can choose between shipping methods – U.S. Postal Service and/or UPS SurePost®

UPS SurePost® is a hybrid, ground service that combines the consistency and reliability of the UPS Ground network with final delivery typically provided by your local Postal Service.

The UPS SurePost® service has the ability to ship to more addresses.

UPS normally will not deliver to P.O. boxes. Depending on your business, this may or may not be a sticking point. But it’s important to note that since USPS delivers to all addresses, through this hybrid UPS and USPS model, you have the flexibility to reach many places geographically that UPS would not normally go.

Note: UPS My Choice® Members can upgrade a UPS SurePost package to UPS Ground for an additional fee. Once upgraded, Members can use the features available with their Membership to reschedule or redirect the delivery to an alternate address or to The UPS Store®. Upgraded packages typically arrive one day earlier.